Spring Painting - '4 types of fruits' with watercolors!

Happy spring everyone! To celebrate this beautiful time of the year, I thought of spreading some peppy and bright colors across the paper. This spring painting is going to be a very fun and simple watercolor tutorial to create some fruit slices in just 10min!

Catch the Spring painting in action:

Fruit 1: Let's make a slice of juicy Melon first!

I am using ‘The vivid Red’ to make the base of the Melon and a brush size 6. Let’s keep the color a bit diluted for the first base and then layer it later. Draw a triangular-like shape making the third side a bit curvy (as shown in the image above). Voila! You have the basic shape of the Melon slice ready. You can now add some concentrated vivid red on the edges for it to not look very flat. Layering adds a beautiful natural depth to the object.

Now that you have the basic shape of the slice, we can make the outer layer of the melon easily. I have used ‘Foliage Green’, you can choose any shade of dark greens that you have. Once you load your brush generously, smoothly paint along the curved side of the slice. It is perfectly okay if your red color hasn't dried off completely and mixes with your green shade. In fact, I would recommend it to be a bit wet for it to have a more natural look.

Once the whole painting is dried off, decorate your melon with some black spots like seeds on them. Yay! We're done with the watermelon slice now let's move on to the Avocado.

Second Fruit: Lush green Avocado!

Load your brush with a 'happy yellow' or a 'yellow ochre'. Imagine drawing an outline to the number 8. If it is difficult to imagine, you can make a light sketch of the number 8 with a pencil as a guideline and draw around it, and fill the whole shape with color. This shape always reminds me of the Matryoshka dolls (popularly known as Russian dolls or the wooden stacking dolls :D)

Once you’re done, take a lemon green or a light green and make an outline around it. Let the colors mix if they are wet. You can layer one of the sides of the avocado making it a little darker than the other side as if the light is creating a slight shadow. Time to make the big brown seed inside. Simply make a circle with a thick brown shade and fill the shape. Similar to the previous step, make the same side (in my case left) a little darker than the other. Wohoo! half way there.

3rd Fruit: Fruit of the DRAGON!

Dilute the 'cherry blossom pink' with a lot of water and create a light base of the dragon fruit. You can start by making an oval shape and add a small mouth-like shape on top of it. It looks like a fluffy fish to me Haha! Once you are done, you can add a little more concentrated pigment on one of the sides of the fruits (In this case on the left side) creating slight shadows.

Take concentrated pigment of cherry blossom and add a nice thick outline to our dragon fruit, while making the border add slight uneven spikes to it. Blend the sharp edges of it smoothly with small amounts of water. Make sure to keep one side of the fruit very light and the other darker for the highlights and shadow play.

For leaves, load your brush with olive green shade and make loose curvy lines stemming from the mouth of the fruit going upwards. Give a thin border to the spikes as well. No need for perfection here! Decorate your Dragon fruit with some black spots using the fine liner pen. And it's done.

How's it going so far for you? These fresh summery colors are such a treat to the eye!

4th Fruit: Tangy Orange

For the base layer, mix some happy yellow and saffron colors. It will give a beautiful shade of fresh orange. Take a good amount of water and start making a circular shape. You can also make a very light sketch of a circle with a pencil before you start painting. Now, gradually start filling the shape and keep adding small amounts of water at intervals to blend the sharp strokes if any. Keep the center of the orange lighter than the edges. Now, use concentrated pigment of Saffron color to make the pulp and the outer layer of the Orange Slice. Make a nice thick border around the orange slice.

Once the outer layer is done, make tiny triangles in the center of the slice. It looks very similar to the pizza slices. You can also make a very light rough pencil guideline for this one. Try to make the slices of uneven shape and fill them partially with the saffron shade, protecting the highlights. For the pulp, make very small curvy lines around the circumference of the slice.

Voila! You have successfully painted 4 different types of fruits today and I love how the entire paper is looking so bright, colorful, and full of life! What about you? I am going to add one more tiny detail to this one - Lettering! Let's name it “Make everyday Fruitful”

I hope you enjoyed this simple spring painting tutorial thoroughly. Kindly comment below with your thoughts on this one and share your beautiful paintings with us. Until then Adios my co-creators!

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