The Original Single Set includes:

1 x Viviva Original Colorsheets Set

The Viviva Original Colorsheets is a collection of 16 vibrant colors. They are extremely portable hence lets you paint anywhere, in a cafe, in a train, on the hills, wherever your inspiration strikes.

Viviva Colorsheets Original Single Set comes with:

  • 16 Incredibly Vibrant Colors (scroll down to see the colors)
  • An inbuilt reusable Mixing Palette
  • Special Water Resistant sheets to separate different colors
  • Color-Coded sheets for easy use

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  • The Single Set ships worldwide at $5
  • FREE Shipping to USA for orders above $25
  • FREE Shipping worldwide for orders above $75

16 Vibrant Colors

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Ronit R.
United States United States
Great watercolor

The first time I used Viviva Colors I was so surprised to see the vibrant colors! I always used just regular watercolors but these are the best. They are also so easy to carry around and taking with me on trips! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants better results with their artistic experience! I was also so impressed by the packaging. Just beautiful

Pranami P.
India India
Amazingly vibrant portable watercolour

This is so convenient to carry with me whenever I am travelling. Perfect watercolour with some wonderful vibrant colours. Hats off to the team for inventing these revolutionary watercolours. Highly recommended

Viviva Colors Original Single Set - 16 Colors Review
Dina R.
United States United States
So fun and easy

I bought this for my daughter and I. We take it hiking and then sit somewhere and paint what we see. SO easy and fun. I wish there was a brown and light grey, But, we are learning how to mix the colors and create these.

Viviva Colors Original Single Set - 16 Colors Review
Julia D.
United States United States
Beautiful Colors!

Being a Watercolor Artist for years, I have used a lot of brands to paint with. I was extremely impressed with the strength of pigmentation in these watercolor leaves. The colors are brilliant and behave as transparent watercolors for the most part. Since the "Palette" is different than the Palette I use, it took me a while to get my mixes down for the desired hues. I think these are fantastic for watercolor sketching, color studies, and illustration, however, I do not know the lightfastness of these, so because of that, I would hesitate to use these on a larger painting. I would not hesitate to use them in conjunction with pen, pencil, charcoal, etc. I absolutely love how compact and travel friendly these are, and I plan on keeping them with me in my purse, along with the Viviva Sketchbook and Travel watercolor brush. This is perfect for painting/sketching at an instants notice! I highly recommend these for any Artist who would like to use these in whatever manner they choose. The colors are just Gorgeous! I am so appreciate for the opportunity to sample them! Thank you Viviva! Keep making more color Palette books! I would love to see a little larger version - the size of an large cell phone and a few more Colors in the Booklet too! But if anything, more color sheets please!

Lynn F.
United States United States
Spectacular colors and convenience!

These colors are perfect for travel sketching, so easy to carry along. For studio work, they make great accents. Bright and clear!

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