Make your own Gift tags for Christmas - It's super simple!

With the holiday season approaching quickly, I want to share one of my favorite hacks of decorating gifts with some handmade and inexpensive gift tags for Christmas. I have been doing these for years and my friends and family have grown very fond of these little personal details I add to their presents.

These colorful gift tags make your presents stand out and they do not require much of your time. 

Before I started doing homemade gift tags, I used to buy these from gift shops especially for bigger occasions like weddings or any birthday celebrations. The cute ones were unbelievably expensive and I always ran out of them for my last-minute gifts. For this reason, I decided to start making my own cute gift tags that are easy and quick to make.


Here's the full video


Step 1: Create a gradient watercolor wash base

To create the base of the gift tags for Christmas, first, draw 2 rectangles of size 6 x 9cm. Give a layer of clear water wash on both the rectangles and add shades of blues & purples until the area is wet. 

Keep adding the colors and maintain some space between the different shades of colors for them to look all different and vibrant. Now load your brush with metallic silver and spray some shiny spots on your base color.

Step 2: Cut out the Gift tag

Follow the pencil marks and cut both the rectangles. Next, Cut a separate small rectangular piece out of the remaining paper sheet. Keep the width 6cm for it to perfectly fit the bottom of one of our colorful rectangular pieces. Now shape one side like a wave to make it look a little fancier. 

Step 3: Add a little festive touch with a Christmas tree

Once you cut out the small wavy piece. Stick it at the bottom of the colorful tag with the help of double tape. Paint a small Christmas tree on another piece of paper and stick its cut out on the tag.

Make it a little personalized by adding a ribbon and writing a message on it.

Tada! you have one beautiful handmade tag ready to decorate your gifts...

Gift tags for Christmas

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