How to paint Johnny Bravo as Santa - painting tutorial

Today I will be showing you How to make Johnny Bravo art whom we all know as the smooth talker, cheesy muscular young man, trying to impress ladies but never had much luck with them. Nevertheless, he had one thing that made up for all his flaws was his unshakable confidence. Every 90's kid loved him for his charisma and the funny situations he got himself into so much so that they are still creating epic Fan-arts of him

So here it is for you to try out if you love him too and you can put this quirky pop art style painting wherever you like - your art space, living room, or that quirky wall of yours where you spent most of your time. It can also be a great Christmas gift for someone who loves the cartoon Johnny Bravo.



Step 1: Prepare a skin color and add it to Johnny's face & neck

If you are going to download and print or even make the sketch from scratch, I have provided the above 'material's section' for a free sketch. Once you have the sketch with you, protect the edges of the paper with masking tape(this is a completely optional step). 

Next, prepare a skin color tone by adding 'Burnt Umber' + 'White' and a little 'yellow' in the ratio 1:3:1. Keep adding white until you get your desired shade. Remember to keep the water consistency high.

Once done, apply a layer of clear water on the face and neck and add this skin color 

Step 2: Paint his inner T-shirt in 'Black' and Santa's costume in 'Scarlet Red'

Very simple and straight Add 'slate black' shade to the inner t-shirt of Johnny and scarlet red to his Santa hat and costume.

Step 3: Color his bag with vine green + Deep green

Mix these 2 shades of vine green + deep green and give the first layer on the Santa's bag. Now take the deep green only and add some details and shadows to add a dimension to it.

Step 4: Paint the gifts with Amaranth red and the background in Shallow blue + Deep blue

Use a deeper red 'Amaranth' to paint the gifts popping out of the bag. You can play and experiment with some deep pink shades to add some highlights + shadows. Paint the background carefully with shallow blue first. Cover the white areas with this beautiful blue and then add some deep blue at the edges to create a sort of vignette around our main painting. This makes sure to draw the focus on your main character.

Step 5: Create outlines and peel off the tape once done!

Almost done :)

Now very important to keep in mind - wait for your painting to dry (I usually use a hairdryer if I am running out of time) and then draw out your black marker and trace the pencil marks everywhere to make outlines throughout your sketch. If you use your marker on the wet painting it is most likely going to blot on your page. And you don't want that to happen during the last step into finishing your painting haha! 

Many times we are hasty and out of patience by the end of the painting and that is when the mess can happen. So be careful. Don't forget to take breaks in your process and drink loads of water!

Okay, now the most favorite part is to peel off the tape and look at the beautiful creation you just made. So neat and tidy and ready to show it off

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