How to make a DIY masquerade party mask

The fall season is always so much fun with all the celebrations Halloween, Mardi Gras, Christmas, thanksgiving, New years' eve, masquerade party and the list goes on. And to attend all these parties, we are always on a hunt for some fun-themed party costume ideas or DIY masks ideas either for us or for our kids.

But these aren't only the times that masks can come in handy. At my sister's house, for example, a person could be wearing a mask almost every day! thanks to my niece and nephew for playing dress-up all the time and having different character modes on. In this case, what better way to make your own DIY party-themed masks, especially when they are so expensive and overpriced in the stores.

This is a great tutorial for you to easily make these at home with bare minimum materials that you would probably already have at home. 


Catch all in action here ----------------------


Step 1: Draw the basic shape of our DIY mask

  • Take a rough measurement from one ear to another of the person you making this mask for and mark 2 spots for the eyes

  • Draw a rectangle of that size and define the centerline. Draw 2 more lines on the left and right of the centerline leaving 1cm each in between. This defines the nose area as it will be folded here

  • Draw your desired shape, I prefer making a shape that is easy and can be achieved with a scale/ruler. 

  • Draw 2 holes at the end to tie your ribbon


Step 2: Follow the pencil marks to cut out the mask and paint it with scarlet + deep pink

This step is pretty simple and straight. Cut out your mask completely and punch holes at the 2 ends of the mask. Do not worry too much about having the perfect shape, symmetry, and size. It's all good as we are going to cover the mask with cute cuttings of flowers and butterflies in the latter steps. Next, paint it with scarlet and deep pink and orange shades. 


Step 4: Add a layer of pink + silver sparkly paste and tie a ribbon at the ends

masquerade party

You can choose the colors you love for the sparkly paste. for instance, I would like to make a peacock blue + purple shade mask for my next theme. This step is pretty simple too. Add a thin layer of sparkly paste and let it dry.


Step 5: Paint small and big flowers + butterfly shapes

Meanwhile, Let's paint our cute little butterflies and flowers. Keep them in the same color family as you color the base of the mask. I have used baby pink, amaranth, burnt umber, orange blossom. Basically, you can add all the reds!


Step 6: Cut out these paintings


Step 7: Stick it on the base and your masquerade party mask is ready!

masquerade party

Remember to balance out the cuttings while sticking them on the mask. Though, I would suggest before applying the adhesive, keep these on your base and rearrange them till you're satisfied. Once done, you can add the adhesive and stick them at the respective places. This way you would know how it's turning out for you

Wow! I love how the party mask has turned out... honestly, it looks very feminine, elegant, and cool. What do you think? Share your results with me and let us know how we can make these tutorials more interesting for you :) toddles see you at the next one!

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