DIY - Mason Jar Art with watercolors

There is a sudden hype of mason jar art that has been trending all over social media. When did these canning jars become such a thing? I remember as a kid, I would collect all the used glass jars that we would have bought from the supermarket and eventually end up upcycling them into beautiful pen stands or candle stands. I love the challenge of reusing and recycling materials around me. The satisfaction I get is inimitable. Does this happen to you too?

And you know what? These can be some mindful inexpensive gifts for your friends and family too! Completely pocket-friendly and also the fact that it's handmade adds a personal touch to it. Since I tried to make a couple of them last week, it was high time for me to show you a DIY for these mason jar art or canning jar art or ball jar art whatever you want to call it. Follow the step-by-step guide and you will find it VERY EASY and THERAPEUTIC! You can also make this a collective activity with your kids, partner, or anyone. Let's go!


1) 1 Glass Jar
2) Round brush size 6 and 3
3) Jar of water to wash off your brush in between colors
4) A rag/paper towel
5) 2-3 Earbuds
6) Alcohol or warm soapy water to wash your glass jar (Needed only if your glass jar is a used one.)

Catch all in action here:

Step 1: Make sure your Mason jars are clean!

DIY Mason Jar

If you are not using branded new jars, it's very important to clean them properly and thoroughly. If needed you can use some alcohol or warm water soap to do so.

Step 2: Mix watercolor shades with acrylic 'white'

Diy mason Jar

In this step, you can use either acrylic paints or if you are a watercolor person (like me!) you can simply mix your watercolors with white acrylic and you are good to go! I am using shades of green, yellow, and violet. Use any 3 shades of your choice and make sure you have a thick consistency of paint.

Step 3: Painting Lush Green Grass
DIY mason Jar

I am using a combination of fluorescent green and dark green to make beautiful random strokes at the bottom. Just rest your brush firmly at the bottom rim and stroke it upwards. Add multiple layers for it to pop out. Roll the jar repeat the same steps till the bottom is well covered. Moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Let's Paint Some Lavender Flowers!
DIY Mason Jar

Mix the choice of your color for flowers with a tiny amount of white acrylic and maintain thick color consistency. Now dip the tip of the earbud and dab onto the glass jar keeping one of the green strokes as the axis. Keep the base of the lavender broad and gradually taper it down towards the tip of it. You might notice the first layer might be lighter. You can always layer it again and again with fresh paint and use a little darker shade than before. Roll the jar and repeat it throughout till it is well covered with the flowers. (A little tip: let the first layer dry before applying the second layer)

Step 5: Adding some Daisies!

DIY Mason Jar

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. They can add a fresh summer vibe to any painting or artwork. I am going to make small white petals at the tip of the remaining green strokes throughout the jar and add a tiny yellow spot in the middle.

BEAUTIFUL! I love how the jar has turned out. I like to preserve the transparency of the jar and keep it a simple clean design. But you guys can go crazy on colors and paint the whole jar if you like! Hope you enjoyed this simple beginner step-by-step tutorial on making mason jar art. 

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