DIY - Floral Watercolor Bookmark in just 10min

These bookmarks are a perfect quick DIY idea for all you bookworms out there. We show you how to create these in just 10min with simple easy step-by-step instructions to follow. Get a taste of beautiful watercolor florals along with some old-school spray paint techniques.

Creating your own bookmarks is such a fun activity to do with your loved ones. And these can be great handmade gifts too! 

Catch all in action here:

Step 1: Cutting Paper Strips

Use a paper trimmer to cut strips of approx. 6 x 2.5in out of your watercolor paper. You can also go the old school way by drawing rectangles of 6 x 2.5in and cutting with scissors.

Step 2: Draw the Stems

Use your fine liner brush and make stems of the flowers at the bottom of the paper strip. I am using 'Viridian Green' from Viviva Colorsheets. Loosely rest your brush at the bottom and stroke it upwards and continue making multiple ones until you are satisfied. 

Step 3: Painting Flowers

To draw the flowers, you can simply keep one point as an anchor and draw 3-4 tiny lines joining it.
I am using "Magenta" (My personal favorite). You can use any color of your choice. Use brush no. 6 to make tiny flowers at the tip of the branches.

Add some more flowers to fill the page with some more colors. 

Step 4: Splatter some Colors!

Mix a good amount of the color of your choice (in my case Magenta) with water and generously load your brush(size 10) with it. Start splattering colors by tapping the brush gently on another brush until you are satisfied. Once done, you can punch the 4 paper corners round(completely optional). I personally prefer having rounded edges to my bookmarks :D 

Step 5: Final Step

Punch a hole in the top center of the bookmark and tie a ribbon to it. Viola! and you are done :D This is one easy DIY project that doesn't need any prior experience. Now make multiple of these and gift them to your friends and family!

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