Artist curated Spotify playlist

"A painting is a music you see and music is a painting you can hear" - Miles Davis

Mood, Music, and Painting
In the world of art, creativity plays an important role. Many great personalities have spoken and written about the relation between 'Music' and 'Painting' and how they jointly affect one's mind and the creative process of it. The music genre that you listen to actually affects your subconscious mind and swings your mood which in turn reflects on your painting.

It is like how a good dose of caffeine in the morning sets you right in the mood to start your day.😌 And so we thought why not make art more fun for you all, to help you find inspiration and motivation for your painting sessions by making an artist curated Spotify playlist. You heard us🥳 A playlist of your all-time favorite recommendations!! 😇

Here is the compilation of the playlist until now: 

Keep contributing and recommending us songs that you listen to while making art. You can also share how it helps you in creating art. This would really help us create the perfect playlist that sets you in the right mood. I hope this playlist will comfort you, inspire you, excite you and motivate you.

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