Art Workshops With Viviva Colorsheets

Learn to Paint using Viviva

Our colors are very easy to use. They're also very unique.

A lot of you have been asking us "How to reallllly make the most of my Viviva Colorsheets?"

To answer this question, we've partnered with some brilliant art teachers to design workshops specifically for Viviva artists. Now you can learn how to do more and better with your set of Viviva Colorsheets!

Endless Possibilities

We designed our colors to be so easy to carry and use that our community has painted in a dazzling array of locations.

Think of a place and chances are someone from our 50,000 strong global community has created art there using Viviva.

Planes, ships, trains and buses.
Homes, cafes, offices and waiting rooms.
Parks, lakes, rivers and mountains.

We now want to help you learn exactly how to make the most of your Viviva Colors.

Workshops and Classes with Viviva Colors

Like something you see? You can read more about the workshop and the teacher below.
If you have any more questions, just write to :)

Zentangles with Act2Tangle

Hosted by Hilde, The Netherlands

(Dutch/ English)
Hilde is a lovely Dutchwoman who lives in the city of Almere in The Netherlands. She is a certified Zentangle teacher and conducts regular workshops from her space.

Fantasy Flowers with The colorful heartist

Hosted by Stacey,

Stacey is a full time mother & spends most of her free time in her studio creating art. She want to encourage creative people to get in touch with the endless sea of inspiration.

Unwindle With Suzanne

Hosted by Suzanne, The Netherlands

Suzanne is the founder of Unwindle. With Unwindle, She helps people with busy lives to discover creative ways of relaxing and enjoying their free time.

Sketchpoetic with Sheila

Hosted by Sheila, California

One simple sketch became a daily practice and developed into a meditative and therapeutic tool that Sheila has taught and shared with thousands of people. It also led to her greater purpose of elevating art as a tool for self-reflection, self-care, and healing.

Octopus Connection with Chris V.

Hosted by Chris, Nevada

Chris is a designer, illustrator and desert dweller living on the outskirts of Las Vegas, NV. She has taken countless courses and branched out into sculpting, textile art and fashion design, paper and yarn crafts and jewelry design, among other things. 


Art & Nature with Kelly

Hosted by Kelly , Florida

Much like an adventure guide, Kelly will help you discover your
perfect path to nature inspired artistic success by meeting your needs as gardener, art journaler, or both in practical and creative processes based ways.

Here's What Folks Are Saying

"Watercolour was Lizzy's most enjoyed and making her own mug! Viviva is unique way of using watercolours , lovely bookmark -gift. Lizzy tried them out straight away!!!! Thank you VIVIVA!"

Participant "Lizzy"

J-Art Workshop by Jasmine, UK


"Cooooolllll! Splashing colors and beautiful composition.
The Viviva colors are very vibrant and comfortable to use. A highly recommended product for all watercolorists."

Participant "Germaine"

Act2Tangle Workshop by Hilde, NL


"Highly recommend this set to any artist at any level in their career or journey into visual arts, with plenty of art experience across multiple mediums working with this set was like visiting the amusement park."

Participant "Joshua"

Sketchpoetic workshop by Sheila, USA