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Viviva and Unwindle Set - Limited Edition


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Join the workshop of your favorite Art Instructor by using an art kit cobranded with their brand name!!

This art kit contains:

1 x Viviva Cobranded Original Single Set (16 colors)

1 x Viviva Cobranded A5 Cotton Sketchbook

1 x Water Brush

1 x Sakura 0.5 micron marker

1 x White Gel Pen

About Unwindle:

Founded by Suzanne Thee, Unwindle helps you to boost your creativity, de-stress your life and have fun. 

Unwindle is the creative outlet for anyone looking for 'me-time' mindfulness through 10-minute sessions of artistic freedom.

Easy- to- follow videos paired with relaxing music are the ingredients of the perfect meditation session you need for a healthier & happier life.

Join this beautiful community of like minded people on a mission to create & relax. You can checkout their mindful workshops here:

Go unwind yourself!!

16 Vibrant Colors

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