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The limited edition includes:

1 x Viviva Original Set (16 Colors)

Artist statement:

Though I enjoy digging into the crevices of the mind, and celebrating beauty and goodness in a genuine way, I just as fervently believe that art is simply fun. 

When I am alone, I like to make silly faces in the mirror and high-pitched squealing sounds.  With a silent salute to Dali’s twisted worlds and Magritte’s overthrow of logic, my work allows me the same delightful presence of mind and expression of energy in the public sphere. 

With my work, I am a six-year-old on the swings again, singing loudly with a purple band-aid on my knee. My art is, in essence, a nod and a wink to the fringe-trimmed weirdo inside.

16 Vibrant Colors

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