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1 x Viviva Spring Set (16 Colors)

Straight from the Colorful Heartist - Stacey Oflanagan: 

When I create I want to make pieces that invoke wonder and fascination, I am a lover of details and there can never be enough . My name Thecolourfulheartist is a mixture of my belief that art heals the heart and my love for colour, I love all the colours and often find I cannot created pieces without adding every single one I have.

My goal is to learn who I am through the creative process and to teach people how to find healing, joy and beauty through art. Art is a collaboration with the soul I hope you join me on this journey .

16 Vibrant Colors

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Karla H.
United States
My review of the Viviva paint book set.

Whomever devised this way of making up a paint book is a genius. As a dry medium that is a wet medium and fully transportable for plain air painting I applaud them. These flip style booklets inspire and invigorate my painting style. I get caught up in mixing and remixing watercolor very often so this form makes me choose color differently use color thoughtfully and more boldly. I love it!!

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