Yana Shvets paints “En plein air" at Lyon, France

You might wonder what is painting "En Plein air"? It's a French phrase for "in the open air" which was pioneered by John Constable in 1813 but it was commonly used post-1870s when the colors were introduced in the form of tubes.

As fancy as it may sound, it was actually intended to achieve an intense impression of the open-air landscapes back then. En Plein air allowed many artists to capture emotions and impressions at that particular moment in time. Thus allowing the spirit of spontaneity impulse within their art.

In this post, Yana Shvets takes you to the main square of Lyon, France where she is painting en plain air to make this beautiful watercolor rendition of 'Fontaine Bartholdi' a very famous landmark and historical monument of Lyon, France.

Sitting outdoors in a cute french cafe, sipping on your favorite coffee, and painting such a marvelous monument in real-time, sounds so dreamy and magical.
You can read what she has to share about her Experience or simply watch the video below to catch her painting 'Fontaine Bartholdi' and explain the painting process behind it.

"I have been doing tour de France by car and the schedule has been tight. I didn't really have a chance to stop and paint, but Lyon has got me! There was a stunning fountain with a woman in a chariot with sea-horses right in the center of the city and I just could not help myself. All the intricate details, textures of the chariot, shells, tissues, horses;  shades of lead, and iron were whispering to me to sit and try something new. This was the first occasion for me to spend more time sketching with a pen than painting with watercolors. It took my sweet time hatching and building up volumes with the pen. Also, cute little cafes were just there inviting me for a cup of coffee with a perfect view of that iconic fountain, called Fontaine Bartholdi."

About the Artist:

Yana is a full-time traveler and a professional watercolor artist. She takes joy in creating original watercolor artworks inspired by her travels around the world and also hosts live watercolor workshops in cities she visits.
You can visit her website - yanatravelart.com

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