Viviva’s Portable Color Palette

Viviva Colorsheets comes with a portable color palette that allows you to mix your colors and paint on the go. Amazing, right? If you are a person who likes to make renditions of your experiences while traveling or even want to paint at home without having a mess and bulky setups, then this is a jackpot for you! 

In this blog, I will cover some basic steps like:

1) How to setup it up?
2) How to use it? and most important
3) How to clean it?

You can see all these in action here:

How to set it up?
Portable Color Palette

  1. Open your colorsheets, you will find a loose paper panel.
  2. Peel off the paper from the back of the palette to expose the adhesive side of it and then stick it onto the indicative dotted box given on the last page of the colorsheets.
  3. Stick it in such a way that it opens on the right side of the colorsheets (or the left side, in case you are left-handed).

This enables you to easily mix your colors on the palette while browsing through the different color sheets.

How to use the palette?
Portable Color Palette

  1. Activate the respective color patch of your choice with your brush using minimal water. Remember that they are highly saturated pigment dyes and you need only so much water to activate them (this will help your colorsheets to last for a long time).
  2. Add the paint to the INNER-SIDE of the paper palette - keep adding the paint until you’re satisfied with the amount. Now, activate the second color you would like to use and so on. (I have added ‘Peacock blue’ & ‘Light green’’). 
  3. You can also mix colors on the palette and create new shades for your painting. Usually, I create 3 separate swatch bubbles - 2 of the colors that I am mixing and 1 of the new shade created. This way I can use all 3 shades in my painting.
  4. Voila! You are all set to create your magic.

How to Clean it?

  1. After you’re done using the palette, simply take a wet cloth or paper towel and wipe it clean. You will be left with a white shiny palette like before, ready to be used for the next time!
  2. In case you want to use the paint on the palette for later, you can simply let it dry and then close it. When you are ready to paint again, you can wet your brush slightly and reactivate the paint on the palette. Repeat step 1 after use.

I hope this quick guide helped you to start your painting journey with Viviva colorsheets. I have many more such 'Help Guides' to help you with our products. If you are someone who loves 'travel and paint' please share your work below in the comment section or write to us at

Happy painting to you guys and see you in the next one :)

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