Unique Watercolor Techniques: Discovering Viviva Colors

When I first tried out a set of Viviva Colors watercolor color sheets a few years ago, I had no idea it would turn into such a journey. I was honestly skeptical of a 16 color set that was said to last 2-3 years but was smaller and lighter than any set I’d ever used before.  It’s so tiny I can easily one in my back jeans pocket, and so lightweight I forget its even there!

The fact that I love to travel with my art supplies, gave me extra motivation to give these a go. I'm really glad I did, because they have become my favorite, go to watercolor paints since. But there was some trial and error in the beginning, and I want to share my experiences with you in hopes of helping you adapt to them even faster than I did.

Viviva Colors watercolors are some of the most unique I’ve ever used!

Plus these watercolors are presented in such a foreign configuration to me I needed to adopt some new techniques to get the best out of them. I’d never used colorsheets before, although other brands do make them in full sheet form, so it was such a time of discovery!

Below I’ve made a list of some of the most unique aspects of these paints, so when you try them out, you can jump into the experience with a bit more of what to expect. This has helped my watercolor students immensely, and I hope this will give you an edge while using them for the first few times.

What’s different about using Viviva Colors watercolor colorsheets?

1. Color- The first is about the saturation of the colors. If you’re not familiar with this term, saturation means how concentrated the colors are. Viviva Colors are very saturated, so I had to learn to use far less paint than I would in my Winsor & Newton pan sets, for example. Using these sparingly would explain why they would last so long.

2. Mixing Palette- This fly-out attached glossy cardboard palette is the most untraditional I have ever used, and I would never have thought that this material could be so effective in color mixing. It’s a bit small, but because I don’t need to use much paint, it works quite well.

3. On-the-Go Painting- This was my biggest surprise. I thought I had a good travel kit before, but Viviva Colors blew my old travel kit out of the water in functionality. The portability and ease in handling of these sets, for me, is unparalleled.

4. Handling- I’ve never had a watercolor paint set that I could use standing up, but with Viviva Colors sets I do it comfortably. This obviously isn’t the most ideal situation for painting, but it opened up my options. It means I can quickly paint while on a hike, at a fashion show, wedding, or other event, and just about anywhere else. It’s a wonderful feature!

Viviva Colors is 100% sustainable, making it the responsible choice.

Aside from these techniques, there are so many other reasons I prefer to use Viviva Colors products. As we all become more conscious of green products to lessen our carbon footprint, Viviva Colors was created at the perfect time. Did you know all their paint sets are 100% sustainable?

Because every paint set is biodegradable, I feel no guilt in throwing one away. It will be a very long time before I throw away a set of colorsheets though, because when each color runs out, I can purchase replacement colors and glue the new ones right on top of the old. Plus, when. I am ready to throw them away, I can just peel the color squares off and recycle it. It’s the perfect mix of recycling and repurposing!

On top of all the advantages I mentioned above, Viviva Colors products are so reasonably priced that it’s like the cherry on top. It makes even the usage of these paints sustainable.


If you are someone who loves to paint please share your work below in the comment section or write to us at support@vivivacolors.com.

This Blog is created by one of our Viviva Ambassador Artist - @Chris.V

Happy painting to you guys and see you in the next one :)

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