Things I Learned While Using Viviva Colorsheets


It all started when in mid 2021, Viviva Colors reached out to me to see if I would represent them on Instagram. I was a little wary at first because, I’ve never heard of them before, and I’d never done a brand collaboration before. Regardless, I’ve always been super careful who I represent, because I would never want to steer you in a weird direction just to make a buck. Not my style.

To give you a little bit of a backstory, one of the representatives from the Viviva Colors home office set up a zoom meeting where I got to meet her and she assured me that they would send me some paints so I could try them before I agreed to promote or take money for anything. She was very patient and kind while I sampled the colorsheets and the cotton sketchbook, which I also love.

I’ve had brands reach out to me that just weren’t my vibe at all, and I politely declined. It's really important to me that I'm representing something I truly believe in so I never promote any affiliate products that I wouldn't recommend, or use myself.

When I first received their package, inside was a water brush, one of their cotton sketchbooks, and a set of their original Viviva colors. Because I’m a typical artist who thinks getting art supplies in the mail is a lot like Christmas, I immediately started painting with them and experimented with different color combos and subject matters. But, the more I learned about Viviva colors, the more I wanted to use them.

I tried botanicals, fashion Illustration, landscapes, abstract art. I wanted to see what these paints could do, and what I liked using them for. Turns out, I loved using them for everything. 

If brands are reaching out to you, be careful that they're not pushing you, railroading you, or rushing you into a decision. Do your research, take your time, and let this opportunity go if it seems like it's not a good fit for you. There are a lot of other opportunities out there, and for me, the relationship is worth way more than any income. That’s when I know it’s a great collaboration!

Here are 9 things I learned about the Viviva Colors colorsheets after using them for over 2 years:

1 They Are 100% Sustainable

As I mentioned earlier, once I learned that these paints were 100% biodegradable I just felt so responsible using them. Knowing I’m not adding more harmful plastic or toxic materials to the environment, makes me feel really good about using these more and more.

2 They Are Handmade

I have been a maker since I can remember. I’ve had my own handmade jewelry brand which I still sell to private clients btw, I’ve made my own clothes, and I just loved crafting things. So I really appreciate that special feeling you get from a product that is made by a human. I respect the thought and the hard work that goes into that, as well as the care.

3 Family owned business 

This is also a family owned business, which adds another interesting element to this brand compared to the big mass produced brands. And this family comes with a story. When the founder was preparing to go abroad to university, he shared with his grandmother that he was going to miss his watercolor paints. His grandmother, knowing how important the creative process is, encouraged him to find a way to create a sort of travel kit. This was the beginning of Viviva Colors, and to honor her, the founder worked the name of his grandmother’s initials into the title of the company. Cool right?

4 Natural Ingredients 

When sourcing ingredients for these paints, they decided to go natural using dyes from the Earth. It’s a bit different from traditional watercolor paints which contain pigments instead of dyes, but again that’s what sets them apart. More recently they’ve even been able to make them vegan as well, adding another layer to that sustainability factor.

5 These Paints Are Vibrant

I don’t think I was prepared for how saturated and vibrant these paints would be. I really had to reduce the amount of paint I put on my brush at a time because I would just get too much on the paper. This makes the paints last way longer than others!

I have four sets of color sheets currently and there are 16 whopping colors in each, except for the metallic set which has 10 but there is so much coolness in there to make up for six extra colors, let me tell you. Plus because silver and gold are the most used metallic colors they give you two extra of each, which I love!

6 Long Lasting 

My first question when I received the colorsheets for the first time, was how long do these tiny squares of color last? Because they don’t look like much! But don’t underestimate these little flat squares, because each of them gives me a minimum of two years, and some of them three years, depending on how much painting I do with them. And in the last couple years, I have done a lot, so I’ve really had a chance to test this out.

Just to give you a comparison, the life of this little colorsheets booklet is almost equal to a half pan set of traditional watercolor paints.

7 Lightweight 

I had so many surprises about this paint set, and another one was how lightweight it was. I hardly notice when it’s with me because they only weigh a few ounces. I can fit them in my back jeans pocket or the inside pocket of my handbag. This feature was revolutionary for me as I love painting everywhere I go.

8 Portability 

These sets are small and flat, which means I can hold my paints in one hand while I use a brush in the other, and I usually don’t even need a table. I can use this set in the car, while I’m standing up, or siting on a camp stool in a remote location. This makes painting much more accessible for me than it ever has been before in my entire life. I’ve gotten so much additional practice, because I have no more excuses that I’m not in the studio!

9 Colorsheet Replacement

I don’t know about you, but when these paints run out, I would have been happy just to toss them and buy another one. They are 100% biodegradable after all. But these colorsheets are replaceable! When I run out of color, all I have to do is purchase a refill set, which comes in groups of 4 colors, peel off the back, and stick it on in place of the old one. Then I’m good to go for another couple of years. So now they’re not only sustainable, they are also repurposed!

If you are someone who loves to paint please share your work below in the comment section or write to us at

This Blog is created by one of our Viviva Ambassador Artist - Octopus Connection

Happy painting to you guys and see you in the next one :)

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