Make an easy DIY Harry Potter bookmark

DIY shaker bookmarks are super easy and fun craft ideas to pursue especially if you are a bookworm like me! These are very cute homemade bookmarks that you can mix and match according to your mood zones with colorful sequins and sparkles. 

Share these with your family and friends or pop it in the book you gifting someone to add that extra sparkly touch to it. This is a great project for kids too!

Check out the video in action


Step 1: Cut 2 strips of paper of size 5 x 15cm - one acts as a base and the other as a frame

A little tip during this step - Make sure both rectangles are equal in size and cut out the frame of width 1cm from all sides. Be very careful when you cut the frame with the paper cutter as it can be very delicate and tend to tear.

Step 2: Make a simple harry potter sketch on the base as shown below

The idea here is to keep the sketch simple so that it's easy for us to paint. Follow the images as a reference and create your own designs.


Step 3: Paint your shaker bookmark carefully with a detailer brush

Ahh! this is a fairly tricky part where you need to carefully paint the different sections of your bookmark. I have used "Orange blossoms + White" for the Harry Potter's face, 'Chrome yellow' and 'scarlet red' for the scarf, and 'slate black' for the rest of the areas.


Step 4: Cover the edges with double tape and add the sparkles!

Once it's dry, peel off the masking tape and stick the thin double tape on the edges of your bookmark. Add your sparkles and sequins to your bookmark in this step.

Step 5: Cover the bookmark with a plastic sheet and stick our paper frame on it (refer to step 1)

Easy DIY shaker bookmarks - Harry Potter

Now, to protect the sparkles from falling out, we will stick a plastic sheet-like cover on the bookmark. It basically acts as a pouch. You can crop out the extra plastic around the bookmark and then stick our frame on it. 

Step 6: Cut a small piece of paper as a hook, stick it at the backside and add a ribbon to it

I took a scrap paper out, made round edges, punched a hole in it, and stuck it at the backside of my bookmark to have a better grip on it when it is in a book. It's always easier to pull out the desired page when you have a string or ribbon popping out of your book.


Step 7: Your DIY shaker bookmark is ready!

And it's all ready to go in your shaker bookmark collection! Shake shake shake! and it makes this soft jiggling sound that I love. What do you think? I had loads of fun making these. These could be good DIY gift tags too isn't it? 



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