Jonna shares her roller coaster ride as an artist

1) How did you start as an artist?

Art Journey

I’ve drawn whole my life but it has never been anything super serious, I had me on and off art periods. After few years of break I was in a bit bad place in my life in 2014, I found my old watercolor paints and just started to paint to make me feel a bit better. Somehow I decided I’d share my art on my Instagram. My whole Instagram account was a personal account at first but later on, it turned into my business account. Didn’t really though back in that time that I’d actually make my living with my art, it was just a fun hobby to make me feel better back then! But slowly people started to ask if I sell my art or if I sell prints etc. And it kinda just went from there. Never did I imagine I’d grow so much that I’d be able to do art as my main job. I’m forever grateful for all the people who have been interested in supporting me and my art. Without those people, I wouldn’t be here making art as a living!

2) Inspiration behind your mystical art

Artists Art Journey

I actually did not like making mythical art a few years back. I always thought to myself that it’s something I wouldn't be able to paint, I’d be so bad at it, etc haha. But at some point, I got the courage to try, and let’s just say I almost fell in love immediately! It Still took a little more time for me to fully get into it! And now I couldn't imagine doing anything else than something mythical haha. It’s my absolute favorite at the moment! I love learning about different kinds of creatures from myths and folklores as I search for inspiration for my next art pieces.

3) Hurdles you faced as an artist

Having art as my main job for the past 4,5half years, all I can say is that I have had a lot of doubt. I didn’t earn much in the first two years and I thought to myself that there’s no point in this, I’m trying my best, I’m constantly painting and working and Still, I feel like this will never work out and that I should just quit. Luckily my husband encouraged me and told me that it’s all going to be alright, he believes in me! He supported me a lot during the first few years. I wasn't able to pay all my bills and have enough money for basic stuff you need for living. But he helped me with all of those. And during the years I’ve been doing better and better and can fully say that I’m making my living with art. Never thought I’d get this far and that it would actually be possible to make living with art! Forever grateful to everyone who has supported me during the years!

4) Things you still try to figure out while creating an artwork

I really should plan more haha. I usually just have some kind of idea and then I start to paint it and sometimes end up failing the artwork because of lack of an idea for it. So many artworks I’ve done are created in a flow. I start with something and as I paint I come up with ideas of what to do with it next. For example, I almost never plan the backgrounds beforehand. Ideas for those usually come while painting. Also, I think anatomy is Still something I need to work on. Slowly getting the hang of it though, maybe someday I’m able to create even more complicated poses!

5) About your lows and highs in the journey


I think I answered this one somewhat on the 3rd question.  But I’ll add that as my page has grown my art gets used illegally more and more which is sad. My art is sold illegally in so many places that it’s just impossible to get it down from most of the places. + Lack of time. I just do not have the time to find and report all the hundreds of products selling my art illegally. If I manage to get something down it comes back up almost immediately. Of course, every artist takes the risk of their art being used wrongfully when they post it online, but yet again posting it online is what brings income to you. I Still continue doing what I love and try my best to protect my art. But This is a struggle I think every artist faces in this social media era.

Scandy_girl artist

About the Artist:

Jonna who goes by the name of Scandy_girl on Instagram is an artist mom from Finland who creates mystical creatures from a fantasy world. She is surrounded by pristine nature and animals which she adores and draws endless inspiration from them. 
check her official Inktober Gallery Exhibition 

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