DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Handmade Frame

Christmas is upon us and it's time to start prepping up for Christmas gift ideas for Friends & Family and of course the home decorations. Surely you can run to a store or order some online from the comfort of your home but, nothing can beat personalized homemade gifts made by 'YOU'. Not only they are full of love and effort but also, they are very budget-friendly and wouldn't drill a hole in your pockets.

DIY Christmas gifts can surely take more energy, time, and effort but that is what makes it very very special and for the same reason this month we would be helping you out with some handmade gift ideas.

In this tutorial, you would be learning how to make an artwork with maple leaves that can be hung on the wall with a help of a frame. It's super simple and most importantly YOU CAN DO THIS!

Catch all in action here:

Step 1: Preparation

Cut 3 A4-sized watercolor paper into the size of your frame. One as an outline strip and two as the backdrop of your frame. Fit both the paper pieces inside the frame as shown in the image 'd' below.

Step 2: Gradient Wash

Color your backdrop with the color shades of 'Light Green', 'Yellow', and 'Bottle Green' and create a Gradient wash throughout.

Step 3: Sketch & Paint the Maple Leaves

Sketch out some random rough outlines of maple leaves throughout your sheet. You can paint them with some autumn shades of 'Burnt Sienna', 'Burnt Umber', 'Orange blossom' and the Yellows of course!

Look how beautiful they have turned out to be! I have added a few of the metallic shades too into it.

Now draw some green shade leaves on your backdrop. Keep them all random and no need to make it defined or perfect.

Step 4: Time to cut your autumn leaves

Remember the autumn-colored leaves you painted? Now they must be dry and ready to be cut!  

Step 5: Stick the autumn leaves

Stick the cut autumn leaves onto the green backdrop one at a time. Make sure you overlap them nicely to have that shadow effect on them. Your frame will be 3D due to the depth. This is a completely optional step but you can use your fine liner to draw little veins on the leaves.

Now that it's completely dry, insert this sheet inside the frame carefully. and
TADA! your frame is ready to go on your wall!

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