Happy Vivivatines Day!





Sending all our LOVE to you, not just today but every day (ohhh shucks Pizzle). 
Before I get into it, here's 15% off site wide because there is no better way to show you love someone than to buy them some colorsheets - airight?

Enjoy our discounted Gift Set (that's right, the custom case you've been eyeing off for awhile now) and an over all 15% off site wide!

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Did you know on average 50 million roses are sent out on Valentines day each year and over 1 billion Valentines Day cards are distributed in the USA alone - Holy Viviva, that's a lot of lovin'. I guess people just love love and we don't blame them. 

On that note, we do wish you the best Valentines day EVER! 
As a family driven business we are always trying to find ways to involve our extended community. One way we have thought to do this is by introducing monthly prompts to not only get you involved but to challenge you! 

How do the monthly prompts work, Pizz?
Well, each month we will release a graphic via our Instagram and Newsletter specifying the theme and the hashtag. It's then up to you to create a wonderful piece using our sheets and show us/tag us to be feature on our page. 

Our Feb prompt is Valentines day (duhhh, Pizz) and we cannot wait to see love hearts, bears, kisses and roses. Remember to use the hashtag #vivivavalentines as well as #vivivacolorsheets so we can find your creations! Challenge accepted. 

One of our wonderful Creative Team artists,

Loulei of @li.la.o

loves love just as much as she loves Viviva.

Loulei's pieces are one of a kind, the type of work that makes you stop and think 'how did she do that?'.
I asked Loulei about her thought process when creating and she said '...it starts with just that, a thought. I envision what the piece is going to look like or what it will be about, although most of the time it ends up looking totally different, but that’s perfectly fine, I welcome that. I turn on some music, get my materials ready and create. For me creating is allowing myself to be free. No rules, no instructions, no parameters. It'’s just me and my art, in that moment and space. By this time the thinking takes a back seat, it’s now more of the feeling process.' I also asked Loulei for a Viviva tip and she said 'Anyone can put paint or ink onto paper. Give yourself time to create. Enjoy!.

Thanks for the tip Loulei!

Check out Loulei's Valentines day creations!
Like always, we are thankful for you and your input. We have a lot of exciting things coming up and you will be the first to know - but it's all a Pizzle secret till then. 

I can't wait to see your Valentines day prompts and I'll catch you next month!
- Simela 

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