March?? You're Kidding!

you're kidding!

How do the months pass so quickly? You know what they say, time flies when you're painting with Viviva!
March is an exciting month, especially for the following parts of the world! While half the world sleeps, the other celebrates and although I can't pronounce half of the names... Happy New Year to you and you and you. 

Nothing says New Years Around the world better than florals! Introducing our March Viviva Prompt - Florals. 
Our Instagram is full of beautiful florals created by you and we are extremely fortunate to be able to share them on our porfolio everyday. Check out some of this months beauties created by YOU!

Our Creative Team member,

Anna of @mamafabrics

knows florals. She is a floral queen!

When I asked Anna about why she loves painting florals with Viviva she said

'...because I am a very bad gardener in real life haha and painted flowers do not fade. In my family home there was always plenty of plants (Poland). Plants remind me of peace and relaxation...and of course they are so cute to paint!'.

I also asked Anna about her creative process and she said 

It may
sounds strange and unprofessional but I "go with the flow". I do not force myself to paint...well, unless it is a deadline job for the client but in general I look at the world during the day. When I'm with my kids in the park, in a grocery store, wherever I like to spend time, I'm constantly creating.'
You can see Anna's process video below. 
Anna, any tips for us?

'Alwasy trust your intuition, art is so subjective and my only rule is, as long as I'm happy with my choices, it's a good choice' 

Thanks for the tip Anna!

I cannot wait to see your #vivivaflorals
Like always, your support and input means everything.
I'll speak to you soon!
- Simela


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