A Note From Our Founder About the Current Crisis

Hello, I'm Aditya, founder at Viviva. These are difficult times with the virus affecting so many people around the world. Now is the time when we all need to come together as a people to overcome this  global health crisis.


As a doctor in training and a medical professional, I'm doing what I can on the frontlines. Our team at Viviva is already working from home to reduce risk of spreading and we've issued protective equipment for our manufacturing and shipping team.


Our mission at Viviva is to make art accessible to all and spread joy. And it sure seems like we could ALL use some joy and cheer in our lives right now. I know that many of you have taken the brave decision of isolating yourself to reduce the spread. We at Viviva would like to support you. India, where our manufacturing is, has announced a nationwide lock down since 24th March till 4 May to contain the current crisis. However, we are committed are committed in our resolve to spread more joy and happiness through art in these testing times. We're working with our partners in local geographies to ensure deliveries happen as per advertised time. 


Medical studies have clinically proven that art and painting measurably reduce stress. I know… I'm definitely finding every occasion to paint right now. I hope we can do our bit to bring cheer to our community.


A Namaste to all of you


Much Love & Cheer,


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