5 Gifts Curious, Creative Teens want this year

Gifts for creative teenagers

Teenagers can be the most intimidating people on your list to shop for. They’re at the forefront of ever-changing trends, yet fiercely value individuality. Finding an age appropriate gift they’ll actually like — and avoiding the dreaded eye roll — can feel like walking a tightrope.

Don’t be discouraged. No adult can ever truly impress a teenager, but you can give them a gift that inspires them and connects to their interests. After all, teens want what all people want: to have fun, express themselves, and connect.

Gifts Teenagers Will Actually Use

Teenagers are bursting with curiosity and creativity, even if they don’t often let you see these sides of themselves. Gifts that let them discover new ideas, become the star of the show, or make something original will definitely pique their interest.

To help you get started, here are five gifts the teens in your life will actually get some use out of.

Gift ideas for creative teenagers

Give them immediate gratification with an instant camera

Capturing a candid moment with an instant camera and watching the photo emerge is exciting and satisfying. This feeling is almost as special as the priceless memories the camera records, yet few teens experience it anymore.

Classic instant cameras of past decades are making a major comeback, with multiple brands and styles to choose from in 2019. Choose from quirky shapes and colors, and different types of film, to find one your teen will want to carry with them.

Stoke exploration and learning with an app subscription

Teenagers love to consume the music, books, movies, and all forms of media. But they don’t always have the cash to stream that cool documentary or buy the audiobook they’re curious about. Gift a subscription to an app where they can stream quality video, podcasts, books, or even games from their phone, computer, or TV.

Find out what the teenager on your list is interested in and look for great content they’ll want to dive into to learn more. For example, a young film buff may want to stream indie films from Sundance or watch Criterion classics.

Gift ideas for creative teenagers

Help them learn a new skill with an all-in-one craft kit

From friendship bracelets to robots, there’s a kit out there with everything your teen needs to make it themselves. If you’re not sure what type of craft or experiment they’d be into, it never hurts to ask! Maybe they’ve secretly been curious about weaving, embroidery, bird houses, bath bombs, animation, or soldering a circuit board. What’s great about this gift is that it's okay if they’ve never tried these crafts before. If it piques their curiosity and gives them the thrill of doing something new, you’ve hit a home run.

Give the gift of growth with a guided journal

Writing is a powerful tool for self reflection and discovery. A journal can be a safe place to unleash your imagination and set goals. Every teen can use a refuge like this to explore their thoughts and keep a record of their formative years.

While a blank journal will never go out of style, look for a journal with a theme that speaks to your teen. Many come with page after page of guided questions, snippets of wisdom, and exercises to encourage gratitude, self-expression, and free-flowing creativity.

Give them Viviva Colorsheets

Viviva Colorsheets are a perfect tool for teens to capture what they see and imagine every day. Small enough to pack in their school bag or take on a bike ride, a budding artist doesn’t have to limit their creativity to a desk and easel.

The supersaturated watercolor sheets make it convenient to paint and sketch from anywhere, so teens can put brush to paper the moment inspiration strikes. Add in a personalized wooden case etched with their name and these vivid watercolor sets make a fail-proof gift for teenagers — even if they’ve never picked up a paintbrush before.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Teens

It may be cliche, but it’s true: the best gifts come from the heart. That doesn’t mean you have to pull out the hot glue gun and make something from scratch. It does mean that your gift should reflect what the teenager in your life values most.

Viviva Colorsheets make a meaningful gift for teens, tweens, and people of all ages who value discovery and creativity. They’re also perfect for a socially-conscious young person who wants sustainable and ethically-made products in their stocking. 
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