5 Unique Gifts Travelers Love to Have in Their Pocket

Gift ideas for travelers

Globetrotters are always on the lookout for items that make traveling more comfortable, convenient, and fun. At the same time, they need to pack light, taking only what they can carry from one town to the next.

If you have a frequent traveler on your holiday shopping list, think ultra-useful gadgets and portable comforts. And don’t be afraid to get creative. Nomads value experience, learning, beauty, and inspiration more than anything else.

Creative Gift Ideas for Travelers and Adventurers 

When shopping for a friend or family member who loves to travel, recall the kinds of places they like to visit. Are they obsessed with big cities and modern art museums? Or long backpacking treks off the beaten path? The best gifts for travelers help them eliminate frustrations and get even more pleasure from their surroundings. 

If that sounds like a tall order, don’t stress. The five gift ideas below are sure to delight any jetsetter in your life.

Gift ideas for travelers sure to delight

Give them a guided tour of their next destination

Where does your loved one plan on visiting next? Find out, then gift them admission to a museum or landmark, or a guided tour. Sightseers have to make tough decisions about how to budget their funds, so a tour that’s already paid for is a perfect present.

Popular travel destinations typically have a variety of tours offered by different companies. Would the giftee rather zip around the city on a bike tour, or go off-roading through the jungle? Find a tour that fits both their interests and style of travel.

Help minimize travel stress with luggage organizers

If you’ve ever tried to find your socks in a wrinkled mass of clothes or had your luggage explode at baggage claim, you know why travelers drool over luggage organizers. They are a simple travel accessory that can be life changing for the perpetual wanderer.

There are many types of organizers available, from clear packing cubes to compression bags, in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Look for something attractive that will put a smile on their face while making packing exponentially easier.

Gift ideas for backpackers

Give them some shut-eye with a personalized sleep mask

Sleep masks are a must for long plane, train, and bus trips. Even when traveling overnight, annoying overhead lights and fellow travelers’ glowing screens can make it impossible to fall asleep.

A light-blocking sleep mask an easy sewing project a beginner can tackle, with plenty of tutorials available online. Search Etsy, thrift stores, or your local craft store for fabric that matches your loved one’s taste and personality. They’ll think of you every time they pull the mask out of their bag for a moment of peace.

Give them lasting bragging rights with a photo book

News flash: Travelers take lots of photos, and they like to share those photos with family and friends. But they can only post so many to Instagram without flooding the feed and losing jealous followers.

Give them a gift certificate to an online photo printing site so they can make a custom book, journal, calendar, stationery, mug, or even ornament commemorating their journey.

Give them packable creativity with Viviva Colorsheets

You don’t have to be an artist to use Viviva Colorsheets. Nomads and sightseers love them because they provide a more personal way to journal and document their journeys. And stopping to paint the Eiffel Tower or Half Dome offers a blissful moment of zen in the midst of stressful travel days.

The supersaturated watercolor sheets make it convenient to paint and sketch from anywhere, so you can put brush to paper the moment inspiration strikes. Add in a personalized wooden case etched with your loved one’s name and these vivid watercolor sets make a fail-proof gift for travelers.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers

It may be cliche, but it’s true: the best gifts come from the heart. That doesn’t mean you have to pull out the hot glue gun and make something from scratch. It does mean that your gift should reflect what your loved one values most.

Viviva Colorsheets make a meaningful gift for travelers and nomads who value beauty and inspiration, as well as sustainable and ethical products.

Learn more about Viviva’s safe, natural, 100% vegan gift sets (but don’t forget to snag your promo code first!)

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