5 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Nature and Being Outdoors

Gift ideas for nature lovers

Nature lovers don’t ask for much. Give them green space, fresh air, and time to explore, and they’re giddy with excitement. So how can you give them exactly what they want this holiday season?

The best gifts for nature lovers help them discover and connect with nature. And they help protect the natural places they love so they can enjoy them for years to come. If that sounds like a lot to pack into one gift, don’t stress. Read on for some specific gift ideas.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Nature Lovers

Does your nature lover like ambling through meadows, peering through his binoculars at warblers and jays? Or does she prefer free climbing in some remote wilderness?

Think about what makes your particular tree hugger unique, and how you can help them squeeze even more joy out of the great outdoors. To help you get started, we came up with five gift ideas for the nature lovers in your life.

Gift ideas for nature lovers

Give them a trail journal that can weather the elements

Hikers and backpackers know you can never have too many journals for keeping notes, writing about the day’s adventures, doodling, and more. Keeping a trail journal is a great way to keep navigation records, or remember what gear to bring and what to ditch next time.

Look for a durable, weather-proof notebook that’s small and light enough to take on the trail. Get lined or dotted paper if they like to write or blank pages if they prefer to draw. You can also buy a notebook cover for them to stuff with their notebook of choice.

Give them all-season access to nature with a public gardens membership

Do a web search for botanical gardens, horticultural societies, arboretums, and other parks that offer seasonal programs. A public garden membership often comes with admission to tours, discounted workshops and events, special plant sales, and of course, unlimited visits to a beautiful curated and cared for green space.

Does your loved one like to go foraging for herbs and mushrooms? Look for a nature center with nature trails and plant identification classes. Do they like to get their hands in the soil? Snag them a plot at a community garden.

Gift ideas for people who love the outdoors

Donate to their favorite environmental cause

Whether it’s fighting colony collapse or protecting shoreline habitats from developers, every nature lover is passionate about environmental conservation. Yes, indoor kids care about the environment too, but nature lovers often feel a direct, personal connection to a specific issue. That’s what makes a donation a great gift: they will feel like you invested directly in them, not some distant cause.

Not sure what your loved one is most fired-up about? Ask them! They’ll be happy to tell you all about it, including which organizations to support.

Put together a DIY solar printmaking kit

Solar printmaking is an easy, accessible process using the sun’s rays to make prints on fabric or paper. Also known as sun printing and cyanotype, it’s done outside and requires no art experience. All you need is photosensitive paper or fabric, available online and at most art supply stores. 

To complete the kit, you can include a clipboard to hold the paper in place, some unique plants and flowers to make prints of, and instructions. Search online for sun printing tutorials to get started.

Give them eco-friendly creativity with Viviva Colorsheets

Viviva Colorsheets are not just for watercolor artists. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts love them because they provide a more personal way to document their hikes and explorations. Plant lovers can make botanical sketches out in nature, and rock climbers can paint the view from the top.

The supersaturated watercolor sheets make it convenient to paint and sketch from anywhere, so you can put brush to paper the moment inspiration strikes. Add in a personalized wooden case etched with your loved one’s name and these vivid watercolor sets make a fail-proof gift for nature lovers of all kinds.

And what's more, the colorsheets are eco friendly and never tested on animals!

Give a Gift That Reflects Who They Are

It may be cliche, but it’s true: the best gifts come from the heart. That doesn’t mean you have to pull out the hot glue gun and make something from scratch. It does mean that your gift should reflect what your loved one values most.

Viviva Colorsheets make a meaningful gift for nature lovers who value beauty and inspiration, as well as environmental conservation and sustainability.

Learn more about Viviva’s safe, natural, 100% vegan gift sets (but don’t forget to snag your promo code first!)

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