Part 2: Fun things to paint - 'Music Polaroids'

Hello and welcome again to 'Part 2 of Fun things to paint - Music Polaroids'. In the Part 1 series of Fun things to paint, we learned to make watercolor polaroids for the track 'watermelon sugar' by Harry Styles and 'Sunflower' by Shanon Purser.

In this painting polaroids tutorial, You are going to create cute little watercolor polaroid art with a stunning night landscape and a vivid painting of a cherry blossom tree for the tracks 'One more time, One more chance' by Masayoshi Yamazaki and 'Blue and Grey' by BTS

These are some cool things to paint for beginners who want to decorate their rooms, gift their buddies, or simply offer them in Christmas markets.

As I have mentioned in the Part 1 series, this tutorial is beginner-level and newbie-friendly. So plug into your favorite music and let's get started!

Catch-all in action here:

Preparation: In case you have missed out on the initial steps from Part 1, I have posted them here for you as well.

Take an A4 size watercolor paper and cut it into 4 pieces. Now create a square shape with your masking tape (as shown above in image 4). Voila, your polaroids are now ready to paint.

TIP: You can also experiment with painting on polaroids that have worn off or are disposable. It can be a great way to upcycle old polaroids and reuse them. The only thing you would need to do is switch to acrylic medium or mix acrylics with watercolors and have amazing custom-made colors out of them.

Learn how to paint Polaroids

Polaroid 1: 'One more time, One more chance' by Masayoshi Yamazaki

Step1: In this easy polaroid painting, we will be using wet-on-wet and color blooming techniques. First, draw a rough outline of a tree to have a guideline to paint on. Two thick trunks split into a couple of branches.

Step2: Next, wet the entire square area with clear water. Use a no. 3 round brush, and load it with "Cherry Blossom" color. Follow the flow of the branches and start dabbing the color on them. Now load your brush generously with a darker shade and spray some paint on the tree. While the paint is still wet, use "Treebark Brown" and start painting the branches of the tree. Do not worry about the color spreading with the water flow, they eventually form into beautiful color blooms making the painting look more lively and colorful!

Polaroid 2: 'Blue and Grey' by BTS

Step1:To make this watercolor polaroid art, you need to lay off all your favorite blue shades that you have in a palette along with the color 'black'. It just makes painting more convenient when you have all your colors in front of you. I have used Peacock blue, Persian blue, Slate black, Ocean Blue, Midnight Blue, and, Metallic Blue.

Step2:Next, give an even wash of water to the entire area and add the lighter shades of blue that you have. You can now add a slightly darker shade like a Persian blue and make the upper portion a bit darker as shown in image 4.
TIP: Try to stroke the colors in the diagonal direction to have that sky effect.

Step3:After blending the shades wait for the polaroid to dry. It will somewhat look like picture 2 in the above image. Next, to make clouds use 'Slate black' and loosely make cloud patterns as shown above.

TADA! the second polaroid is done. I have added a tiny moon with a white pen on it. :)

I hope you enjoyed making these. Please let me know how you found this tutorial and how I can make it better for you. This would really help the artist behind these beautiful polaroids and me who is writing this for you.

Email me at or comment below on your experience in creating these :) Loads of love and see you in the next one.

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