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Viviva Colorsheets are the most portable watercolors in a form of a booklet. They are very vivid and vibrant pigments that add that electric pop to your paintings. It lets you paint anywhere, in a cafe, on a train, on the hills, wherever your inspiration strikes. If you are a person who likes to make renditions of your experiences while traveling or even want to paint at home without having a mess and bulky setups then you are going to love these!

Catch all in action here:



Viviva ColorsheetsViviva Colorsheets

You would have probably received a paper envelope or a packaged box. In the case of the paper envelope, tear it from the top, and in the case of the packaged box, open it from the top and slide out the paper case in it. Initially, we had our colorsheets wrapped up in a plastic cover but now we are very proud to be completely eco-friendly and have no plastics used in our packaging!

Write your name:

When you flip the first page, you will find some space to add your name and Insta id in it. Every time I see this page, it makes me feel so nostalgic and old school. I love these cute little details that go a long way.



You will also find a “How to use” instructions page. Do go through them as these are very basic but efficient tips.


Swatch each color:

You must have noticed that the square color patches look different from the actual colors that come onto the paper. This is because these are highly saturated pigments mounted on the paper, causing it to look different. For this reason, we have added a tiny box under each color patch for you to swatch every color before you start painting. This will help you to identify the color shade easily. Swatch it! Swatch it!

Fix your palette:

  • Open your colorsheets, you will find a loose paper panel. 
  • Peel off the paper from the back of the palette to expose the adhesive side of it and then stick it onto the indicative dotted box given on the last page of the colorsheets.
  • Stick it in such a way that it opens on the right side of the colorsheets (or the left side, in case you are left-handed)
  • Note, our new version of the colorsheets have pallets integrated with the set
  • This enables you to easily mix your colors on the palette while browsing through the different color sheets.

You will also find few pages that are intentionally left blank in case you want to try the color shades before you paint. I hope this quick guide helped you to start your painting journey with Viviva colorsheets. I have many more such as “Help Guides'' to help you with our products. Happy painting to you guys and see you in the next one :)

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