The Easy-Sketchbook

The Revolutionary Easy-Sketchbook

Perfect for Sketching, Inking, and Painting

Now anyone can sketch in just 3 easy steps!


The Revolutionary Easy-Sketchbook has made sketching easy for everyone! It includes a Premium Handmade A5 Wired Sketchbook and a Special Sketching mirror.

The Easy-Sketchbook comes with -

  • A Premium A5 Wire bound Ivory sketchbook
  • 240 GSM Lessebo Design Paper
  • 64 beautiful cream color and smooth texture papers
  • A High Quality see through half-mirror
  • An aluminum milled slot stand to hold the half-mirror

The Revolutionary Easy-Sketchbook Features

Love and Support from our Viviva Community!

The Easy-Sketchbook was bought to life in October 2020 with the help of our awesome Viviva Community. We raised over $100k in crowdfunding on Indiegogo!

A BIG THANK YOU, to all the backers!

See the Easy-Sketchbook in Action

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