How can I be a part of Joy of Giving?

All you do is make a purchase with Viviva - Buy anything on our website from 8th Nov through 31st Dec and we will donate 1 art kit to an underprivileged child on your behalf. You don't pay any extra and you still get a chance to gift happiness to an innocent child :)

When will the donation begin?

We will start donating the art kits from 8th Nov 2021 and will continue to do it until the New Year.

How does the donation happen?

As soon as you make a purchase on/ after 8th Nov, your name will be saved for the donation. We are working with an orphanage for donating the art kits to the underprivileged kids. As soon as we donate an art kit on your name you receive an email for your good will :)

How did we start Joy of Giving ?

The pandemic taught us many things and one of them is realizing how "privileged we are" to have our needs been take care of during these tough times too. We still had access to ART, a powerful way to heal & for a good mental health. This seeded of spreading the joy of making art to the underprivileged as well.

Last winter, you helped us spread the Joy of Giving to hundreds of underprivileged children. This year we want to spread the happiness to a Thousand children!