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Viviva Colorsheets are the most portable and vibrant watercolors you will use.

The Viviva Colorsheets Single Set: -

Our flagship product, the Viviva Colorsheets Single Set has 16 premium watercolors but weighs less than 1.5 Oz! What’s more, they are smaller and thinner than your phone and, if used properly, the Viviva Colorsheets Single Set last as long as a regular half-pan watercolor set.

The Viviva watercolor sheets are very, very vibrant. This is because in a regular half-pan set, a lot of binder is used to keep the color together. We make our colorsheets with a unique method that involves affixing the concentrated dye on a sheet of paper with almost no binder.

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As a result, the colors you see are pure dye and hence very, very vibrant.

  • Global Footprint: -The Viviva Colorsheets, sometimes referred to as watercolor sheets or paint sheets by our customers, are sold all over the world through our website and a network of curated art stores spread across USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and many more.
  • Featured In: -We are proud to have featured on Hochanda TV, UK twice in 2 years with a terrific response each time. In fact, we’ve received a lot of requests to launch a special Viviva Colorsheets UK edition and rest assured, our team is working to make it happen.
  • Crowdfunding: - In addition to this the Viviva Colorsheets, which began as a simple watercolor booklet on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, we have been featured in Country Living, Design Insider, Martha Stewart and Buzzfeed.

To round off, our exciting and innovative watercolors are of superior quality guarantee. If there is any issue with the colorsheets when they are delivered to you, we will replace your order for free.