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Viviva Watercolor Pans Set - 16 Colors
Viviva Watercolor Pans Set - 16 Colors
Viviva Watercolor Pans Set - 16 Colors
Viviva Watercolor Pans Set - 16 Colors
Viviva Watercolor Pans Set - 16 Colors
Viviva Watercolor Pans Set - 16 Colors


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Viviva Watercolor Pans are skillfully handcrafted with Natural cork sheets to give you a rich & organic feel with painting. It comes with 16 Thick, Vibrant & Long lasting colors that are LIGHTFAST!

There is swatch card and a mixing pallet for a happy, mess-free painting experience :)


1 x Viviva Watercolor Pan Set - 16 Colors

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Kaitlyn W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wonderful products that are great for all lifestyles!

I have really enjoyed all of the items purchased from Viviva thus far, I am excited to see new types of products being made and look forward to seeing what else will become available in time. The paints are vibrant and easy to use, with the added bonus of being extremely portable and lightweight. Great weather you are sketching on the go, a professional artist practicing on pieces or a younger creative looking for a fun medium to dabble in.

United States United States
Well done

This is a great little palette to take along everywhere. Lightweight, but the best part is the superb quality of the paints. The colors are vibrant, easy to use and mix.

Diane I.
United States United States
Perfect Ten

A super lightweight pan set to take with you when painting on site. I’m packing in my art case for my first vacation since fall 2019. I’ll be creating a travel journal of our cruise so my pans and sheets will be the perfect supplies to take on my trip. Thank you Viviva Colors! ++++++

Viviva Colors Viviva Watercolor Pans Set - 16 Colors ReviewViviva Colors Viviva Watercolor Pans Set - 16 Colors Review
Taylor T.
United States United States
Just as vibrant as the sheets

When I first bought these, I didn’t expect the pans to be as vibrant as the sheets were well known for. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they were and mixed very well. I would definitely buy this again.

Kimberley O.
United States United States
Chemical smell

The paints are wonderful - easy to wet and beautifully vibrant. However, I haven't been able to use them, beyond initial swatching, because the cork palette has a very strong chemical odor (bleach-like). I'm guessing the cork was treated with some sort of anti microbial or something for exporting/importing? The strong odor is not only irritating to my nose and eyes but I think it may also be making my lips/mouth area sort of numb. (possible transfer of the chemicals from my hands to my face after handling the palette) I get that the chemicals might be necessary, but I feel it's irresponsible of the company not to make a note of that in the product's description. I am going to set it outside, in the sun, to air out for a few days and hopefully that will dissipate the chemicals enough so that I can use the paints, or just remove the paints from that cork palette all together. Not sure what else to do so it wasn't entirely a waste of money for me.

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