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The Christmas Deluxe Set

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Deep inside the  African forests, courageous men and women source the "Sapele" timber, affectionately called African Mahogany, and send it on the arduous journey to India. 

Why the effort? Nothing short of the best would do to craft your wooden case. Our art has a timeless beauty... shouldn't our art instruments too?

The case is reusable; there's an elastic inside which lets you slip the case over any Viviva Colorsheets and Voila, you've got a lovely cover for your set. You can get it etched with a Name and a Quote. This is truly a gift to remember - whether it's for yourself or someone you love.

The Deluxe set includes 2x Viviva Colorsheets, 2x Personalized Wooden Cases and 2x Water Brush. 

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