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Inktober Postcard Set
Inktober Postcard Set
Inktober Postcard Set
Inktober Postcard Set
Inktober Postcard Set
Inktober Postcard Set


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Feel sketching is hard or find no time to sketch? No worries! the Inktober Beginner's Set is designed for you to make your Inktober an amazing experience!

31 Postcards with artwork for each prompt - contributed by artists from 5 countries (includes 6 artworks by Jake Parker!).

Color the postcards using the fun Viviva Watercolor Pans and kickstart your Inktober journey!


31 x Postcards with prompt artwork (made with premium quality watercolor paper)

1 x Viviva Watercolor Pans

1 x Waterbrush

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Paint is great, artwork not so much

Allow me to start my review by saying the paints themselves are great, highly recommended on that front. However, I was completely let down by the prompt artwork included in this set. The prompt artwork by the three female artists were great- lots of varied images with nice sized spaces to paint with lots of colors. You can really see the possibilities (remember, this is billed as a "beginner's set") The prompt artwork by the other three artists? I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea to include those in this set. One features an extremely minimalist styles that's quite frankly kind of boring, while the other two sets have very filled-in, textured background with lots of tiny spaces I'm not sure a beginner would even know what to do with. Two of them have some sort of OC (presumably) self-insert character in almost all the sets' images, which gets repetitive. And the third is a complete set of explicitly Christian artwork. Not sure why anyone thought it would be a good idea to devote 1/6 of the artwork to explicitly Christian imagery without at least a head's up to potential customers, but it was a poor choice. I definitely can recommend Viviva's paints but do not recommend this Inktober postcard set unless you're comfortable with everything I described above. If I'd seen all the artwork ahead of time, I never would have bought this because half the postcards are useless to me.

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