The Original Refill Pack - Greens & Blues includes 4 colors:

1 x Light Green

1 x Sap Green

1 x Peacock Blue

1 x Persian Blue

We're really conscious of our environment footprint. Our colors are mostly made from paper and have almost no landfill waste. But now with the refill packs, they just got a whole lot greener. Extend the life of your set!

Shipping Fees

1 x Refill Pack ships at $2 anywhere in the world

4 Vibrant Colors

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Tracy C.
United States United States
Viviva colorsheets

Great I love these colors, they are bright and vibrant. So glad they started making refills.

Heather S.
United States United States
VIVID-YA watercolors!

This is my 4th purchase of Viviva watercolors! I bought one set for my friend and the rest for myself. I cannot STOP using them. The colors are so deep, vivid and I can't wait to get them on the paper. The cherry blossom color is incredible and there's a teal/green that I cannot get enough of. I almost use them in a painterly fashion - laying them thickly on the surface-thought the colors are so saturated I don't need to- I'm a watercolor-aholic! I also love the format -they are portable, and like a little stand alone journal . THANK YOU

Ashwini G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I really love viviva color sheets, they are absolutely amazing. I adore the vibrancy and richness of the colors. Viviva colors sheets also provide some unique colors which I haven't in any other brands. Moreover these color sheets can be your best friend when you travel, they are very easy to use and so light to carry. Overall I love it.

Kathy S.
United States United States
Love the replacements!

I'm so happy they came out with theses replacement sheets! Now I just pop in the color I need and I'm ready to go again. I'm loving them!

United States United States
Love the Colorsheets Refills

I’m a big fan of Colorsheets. And, like all artists, I find that I gravitate towards some colors more than others, so I was thrilled when Colorsheets came out with refills. I ordered them immediately, then simply removed the refill from the paper palette and adhered it to my well loved and used paper palette. Problem solved!

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